Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gifts from Sweet Friends

Oliver's 4th grade teacher, Mrs. McCombs, stopped by with some gifts for the kids a few weeks ago. We chatted for several hours and it was nice to have her in our home again. She tutored Oliver once a week last year along with Oliver's counselor, Mrs. Hay.

This was a hit with all the kids!! We had to go outside and try it out in the dark!

Yes, that is a Harry Potter scar on his forehead. I think Oliver drew it on for him!

Jodi heard about Oliver and has been following his story for the last couple of months. She has sent Ollie several packages full of fun things for Oliver to do. I hope we can meet her soon as she is our northern neighbor in Minnesota! Thank you for your love and prayers!

How cool... it's a mini Hogwarts!

She also remembers the other kids... :O)

I have to say that I try to get a photo of Oliver with every gift he gets and who it's from. If you don't see a picture of a gift you've sent him, it's most likely because I wasn't home when it was opened and the contents have been well played with -- all throughout the house!!! :O)
THANK YOU all so much for thinking of Oliver and wanting to help him throughout this journey. He loves checking the mail and seeing if anything is for him. It adds a bit of excitement to his boring day with mom!!! It also gives him something else to think about instead of fearing the uncertain future. Again... THANK YOU all for thinking of Oliver and sending him goodies and sweet notes full of encouragement and jokes! They help to buoy us ALL.

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Jodi said...

Hey, I didn't see this one either! LOL

Awe...that brightens my day to see the kids enjoying the toys :) :)

I LOVE sending things to them <3