Sunday, September 25, 2011

UPDATE... on the UPDATE...

After talking about chemo a lot with Oliver and all of the possibilities, good and bad, he decided against chemo, thus not getting surgery for the central line as well. Although he's opted out of chemo, he did go down Friday, September 23rd to meet with the pediatric oncologist to discuss starting up the steroids again. When we were in Florida, we had to rush Ollie to the ER because of a bad allergic reaction. They prescribed him 5 days worth of steroids and we were shocked by how dramatically and quickly his speech and gait had gotten with the start of the steroid. After he used the last of the pills he was prescribed, his symptoms reappeared almost immediately. After talking with the doctor down in Iowa City, he will be starting steroids again along with Pepcid to help avoid any stomach irritation the steroids may cause. We don't know if we will try radiation again. Right now his next scheduled MRI is November 2, so we will see what happens from now until then. Nothing is ever written in stone with regards to our decisions. It is a day by day life. Plans are usually 'let's play it by ear' now.

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smiliesar said...

I wish I knew how to write you a private message but maybe the comments are saved for you to read first and then you can post them (hopefully). I don't know you personally though I've been following your blog since the hair shaving event that my friend went to.

We recently have been watching a lot of heath movies/episodes: "CNN's the Last Heart Attack", "Food INC", and "Forks over Knives". This last one was talking about cancer and it's relation to casing(?) found in milk products. It showed a decrease or not change in the cancer from the casing being less than 5% of the diet. Just a thought that maybe food could help him out too. Worth looking into, praying about, and considering. It might not work too since it's ultimately the Lord's decision. I just have felt impressed to share this info with you the moment they mentioned it. I immediately thought of Ollie. Best wishes.