Monday, September 26, 2011

"Kiss the Toad Creations" - Capes for Kids

August 2011

The kids received their personalized capes from "Kiss the Toad Creations" and had a fun time modeling them for me in the front yard! Please visit her page and read more about how she came up with this great idea!

"Outstanding Ollie"

"Energetic Eden"

"Jazzy Jaren"

"Phantastic Phineas"

The backside of the capes -- Heroes in reverse!!! Ollie, Phineas, Eden, Jaren



Curious George (so fitting for Finny because he is into EVERYTHING!!!) & Spiderman

THANK YOU, Kristi Rotarius from Oregon for sharing your love and sponsoring ALL FOUR of my kids capes!
THANK YOU, Barbara Casados for using your talents to create such darling capes so the kids can be heroes EVERY day!


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meghan said...

Those are AWESOME!!! I LOVE THEM! What a great idea!