Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas at Mom's & Our Christmas Eve Dinner


Mom's tree the kids helped to decorate. Ollie loves decorating the trees.

Finny mooching some goodies from Uncle Bryan

Ollie the kid and Ollie the elephant :O)

She's all set for a "Dexter" marathon!

Helping Finny open some presents.


Willie opening his present!

Ollie and Max. He's gotten so big!!

Wrestle Mania! Finn's even getting in on the action!

Max hiding in the box.

Willie likes the silhouette of himself that I made for my mom!

Gram loves Dexter!

Opening gifts

Daddy and Jare Bear


Ollie's Treasures

Eden's Treasures

Jaren's Treasures

Finny's Treasures

And... the night wouldn't be complete without a pic of Jaren with his hands in his pants! What a funny kid!



Christmas Eve Dinner
Red, Green and regular cheese filled tortellini
Tossed green salad with yellow tomatoes
Sparkling cider

Molten Lava Cakes with Strawberries

Who is this wild man?! George of the Jungle, perhaps?!

Ed, Jaren, Uncle Chad, Grandma, Eden, Phineas, Oliver and Uncle Bryan
Ollie always loves lighting the candles... hence the lighter in his hot little hand! Don't worry, he only uses it when an adult is present! :O)

Opening a gift from a friend of my cousin's who wanted to get Oliver a big Christmas surprise!

I think the kids had a little too much fun in the packing peanuts!!

At last... it was ROCK BAND! What a fun gift! We've had a blast playing it this Christmas vacation! Thank you, Mona!

Oliver likes the guitar the best!

Let's get ready to ROCK!!!

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