Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eden - It's GREAT to be EIGHT!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010 - Eden's 8th birthday and baptism

I can't believe my little girl is eight years old today AND getting baptized! When did she grow up!? We got to the church and she got into her baptismal clothing and we took some family pictures with her out in the foyer where we always do. I seriously can't believe how fast my kids are growing. It's rare for me to remember them as babies and toddlers and now they are making the biggest decision of their lives. What a wonderful day and what a blessing to have people there that love her so much.


Eden and her older brother, Oliver, who was baptized in 2009, ironically his 8th birthday and baptism fell on a Saturday as well!

Eden with Phineas

Stacy (me), Eden, Grandma (my mom)

Mama and Eden

*Our Family*
I need to get a big picture of Christ like that one for my house. It's one of my favorites!

David, Stacy, Phineas, Oliver, Ed, Jaren, Eden, Janine

Grandpa Palmer, Eden, Grandma Palmer

Bishop Jolley and Eden

Eden and Ed
Have you guys had your V-8 today??? ;o)


Welcome to the Baptism

Eden Lucia Palmer

Conducting: Bishop Andy Jolley

Pianist: Danny Palmer (Uncle)

Opening Song: “When Jesus Christ was Baptized”

Opening Prayer: Stacy Palmer (Mother)

Talk on Baptism: Janine Palmer (Grandma)

Ordinance of Baptism performed by: Edward Palmer (Father)

Talk on the Holy Ghost: Edward Palmer

Confirmation and Gift of the Holy Ghost conferred by: Edward Palmer

Closing Song: “I Love to See the Temple”

Closing Prayer: Karen Young (Grandma)

Please join us for refreshments after the closing prayer.

Uncle Randy, Aunt Naomi, Eden, cousin Lydia

Aunt Jamie, Eden, cousin Carson, Uncle Danny

Eden and the Jolley Family

Eden with the Primary President, Sister Julie Jolley

Oliver playing the few songs he knows on the piano

Eden reading a card and Ollie chowing down on some cookies. "I smell cookies!"


Eden, Grandma, Ollie

Me, Ed and Jaren

The CrAzY Birthday Girl!!

Jaren HATES the fire coming off the tables, thus why he is several tables over hiding. :O)

Carson, Aunt Jamie, Eden, Grandma

The kids loved running through the beads



Cleaning her ears

Toys R Us Birthday Club

***Happy Birthday, Sis Wis!!!***

Eden and her LIV doll.

Ollie picked this one out for her.

Yummy, Yummy Cake Time -- "Yum Yum Japanese Nooooooodles!"

Finny is LOVIN' it!

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