Wednesday, December 22, 2010

They've earned it.... It's Fondue Party time!

Saturday, December 18, 2010
Fondue Party
Grandma Young's House

After hearing a story about 'warm fuzzies' in a talk in General Conference. I had wanted to try it out for myself. When my husband or I see the kids doing something nice for one another, doing their homework or chores without being told more than once and with no whining... they get to put a 'warm fuzzy' in the jar. When the jar gets full, then we choose what type of party we will have. Ollie wanted a fondue party so they worked and worked at being good and it paid off! They filled it up and got their wish!

Tonight my mom and I got a bunch of groceries for the fondue party. I was in charge of the cheese fondue, my mom -- the dessert fondue and my brother -- the hot oil fondue. We got to cooking everything, but we kept blowing out a fuse and the kitchen lights would go off! Too many fondue pots were plugged in at one time I suppose!

I wish my cheese fondue would have turned out better as it was like working a taffy puller at the fair whenever you wanted to dip something in it!!! Oh well, better luck next time! Mom's was really good, but of course chocolate is always good! Hers had marshmallows mixed in with it and wow... delicious! Bry's hot oil fondue was great for cooking stew meat in and it was really good as well. His recipe had beef broth and green onions as well as some other things. YUM!! We had such a fun night!!! :O)

Bry and Mom making the hot oil fondue.

"Show me your forks!!!" I think they are ready! Let's FON DO IT!

Jaren, Chad and Eden

Mom, Ollie and Bry

Chad and Eden -- in fondue heaven!

Fruit trays, veggie trays, crackers, breads, pretzels, pickles and more were laid out for our nibbling delight!

Ollie and Bry nibbling on something delicious I'm sure!

Since Jaren doesn't eat much, I guess he's trying to feed Chad his first bite!

Grandma and Ollie

"Open wide"!!! This boy LOOOOOOVES food! He will give you the cheesiest grin if he knows he's going to be eating soon and can see the plate!

Sword... er... fork fighting!

I love the look on my mom's face in this picture!

Cue the taffy pull!!!

Chocolate is even good on stew meat! He loves his food!

Finny and Uncle Bryan

Mom and the hot oil fondue.

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meghan said...

That looks like such a fun time!! We stole your idea. We are going to try and fill our jar by March so the parade can be our big fun thing!!!