Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Cutout Cookies with Grandma Young

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tonight after church we went to my mom's house so the kids could help her decorate the tree. Eden helped with it the most while Ollie opted for playing some Super Nintendo instead! Finny had a great time 'going through' the Christmas ornament box!

After the tree was decorated, we made some Christmas cut-out cookies and had fun decorating them. That is one of the Christmas traditions that I remember most from when I was a kid! I LOVED to decorate the sugar cookies! We had them all pretty much eaten shortly after the last bit of frosting was added!!

Willie and Phineas

Uncle Bryan decorating the tree with Finn!

It's cookie makin' time!!

Oliver threw flour in his face and said, "I'm a baking master!"

King of the Sugar Cookies!

Little Max was trying to help us with the decorating!

Get a load of ALL THAT FROSTING!

Finn and Uncle Bryan

Daddy and his snowman

I love the flour along her hairline!

Willie licking the frosting off his nose.

Jaren is so proud of his cookie decorating skills!

Eden, Grandma & Jaren

WARNING: Eating an excess of Christmas cookies will result in multiple chins!!!

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