Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Surprise!

December 22, 2010

One morning a man named, Woody, came by and told us of a surprise that he had gotten together for Oliver. He wanted to make sure that we would be home at a certain time so they could surprise Oliver. Come to find out that his young boy is a survivor of a type of muscle cancer, was treated down in Iowa City and he is 'paying it forward' by helping to make Ollie's Christmas extra special!

On the Wednesday before Christmas, around 50 strangers showed up outside singing Christmas carols! Santa and Mrs. Claus came by and dropped off food and gifts. I asked Jaren, age 3, what Santa says and Jaren usually answers 'Ho, ho, ho... Merrrrrrrrrrry Christmas'! Jaren was awestruck and didn't say anything and Santa quickly said 'Ho, ho, ho!' in a low, gruffy voice. Mrs. Claus said it was 'Ghetto Santa'! Goll... it was soooooo funny! They were GREAT! :O)

The pleasant sight from our front door. So many smiling faces!

Not sure if Finny knows what to think! Get a load of his face! :O)

Oliver with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Oliver and his huge box of cards!

Along with a bus full of carolers, the local firemen brought by a firetruck or two and gave Ollie a ride around the neighborhood. (Ollie was made an honorary firefighter last February at his benefit). One man lent him his fireman's hat, complete with the Iowa Hawkeye decor, for the ride and to keep until they give Oliver his own custom made hat! How cool is that!?! The firemen also want Ollie to come to the fire station and have spaghetti and meatballs with them one night, Oliver's favorite meal!

Oliver and Woody Woodward

Oliver getting ready for his ride.

Eden sitting for a quick picture.

Chad, Eden and Jaren. Jaren was too afraid to actually get in, so Chad just held him close enough! HA!

The sweet firemen that helped surprise Ollie!

Oliver got a Cubbies hat and blanket! Nice!

Opening up some gifts. People are so kind.

These guys had the most fun with this stuff! We were all dying laughing with the things they came up with! :O) Oliver - Bryan - Eden

This is one of my personal favs! ;o)

The 'cool' pose!

Firefighter Jare Bear!

Get a load of Finn's face!!! LOVE IT!

Our local news station, KWWL, was there and caught it on camera. My mom and I were both blubbering fools... oh well... it was very moving experience. It's nice to know that he's thought of and loved. I certainly think he's special and it makes me happy to see that other people think he's special as well. :O) THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU for your kindness!!!


Lisa said...

I love it! That is wonderful!

Amy said...

wow. pretty amazing what complete strangers will do to bring joy to a family. :) glad you had a wonderful christmas!

meghan said...

That is so great. People can be so kind and full of love!

Piepee said...

Woody is a good guy. Glad he was able to pay it forward with such thoughtfulness.