Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School Christmas Parties

Friday, December 17, 2010 - Ollie's 4th grade Christmas party and Eden's 2nd grade party.

I made my first fruit pizzas and they turned out fairly well. It was fun to make them!! Definitely one to get the kids involved with making! Eden called me and told me that her party time was changed and since I only had a sitter for the two younger boys for an hour I could only come to Ollie's party. I think he had fun seeing classmates and eating and playing games with them. One game they played was dancing to the music and when the music stopped they had to freeze. If they moved, they were out. I could tell Ollie was having fun! So good to see.

This is Oliver with his teacher, Mrs. McCombs. She comes and tutors Oliver in math and science every Monday evening for about an hour and a half. His counselor, Mrs. Hay, tutors him on Thursdays in reading and writing. They've been so great when working with Ollie!

Mrs. McComb's 4th grade class. Ollie has 'the monkey in my chair' on his shoulders in the photo! :O) The monkey represents Ollie and sits in his desk when Oliver isn't in class. I guess the kids have been raising his hand to answer questions and such! I'll have to get some pics of that!!

Eden, age 8, and her 2nd grade teacher, Miss Farrell.

McKenzie and Eden after their Christmas party. Such good buddies!

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