Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kaylee & Live to 9

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our new niece Kaylee May is born! We headed up to see her as the kids were anxious to see her and hold their new cousin. My kids just LOVE babies! Finny was still a little grabby and scratchy so we held him off as much as we could. She was such a doll! Welcome to the crazy family girlie girl!! :O)

Finny peeking in to see what all the hullabaloo was about!

A new girlie to show off my hand made bows! :O)

Oliver anxiously waiting to hold Kaylee

Aunt Stacy got to hold her first as Jaren softly caresses her face!

It's so natural to see him holding babies. He's an old pro at it!

A tender kiss...

Jaren getting into the snuggly position... rubbing cheeks.

Bear holding Kaylee as Finny looks on. Notice the sock on Jaren's hand... yeah... he says they are his new gloves. :O)

Sweet little head

Eden and Kaylee -- Eden's honorary sister! ;o)

She's contemplating life right about now...

Jaren happy as can be. Kaylee looks a lot like her brother, Carson in this picture!

Friday, June 10, 2011 - "Live to 9"

Tonight I got all the kids and ventured out into the misty evening to meet a good friend of mine and her family at an outdoor concert. I got them all situated, Eden pushing Oliver's wheelchair, me pulling the wagon with Jaren and Finny strapped in. We found a patch of grass under some trees for a bit of protection in case it started raining, but it pretty much was just a light misting the whole night. We came prepared in sweatshirts, hats and umbrellas. The kids had fun eating, dancing and playing chase the whole night!

Jaren (Batman), Finny, Eden and Isabella

Isabella dancing with Eden

Sherry & Charley

Jaren and Izzy up in the tree -- crazy monkeys!

Dancing hand in hand with friends.

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meghan said...

New sweet babys are so precious. SHe is such a cutie!! I love all the pictures. the video at the bottom of jaren and bella dancing is super cute!!