Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Picnic @ Lowell

Friday, June 24, 2011

My friend Andrea asked invited us to Lowell for a picnic with her family as well as a little girl in the area that is also fighting an inoperable brain tumor. My friend will be her first grade teacher next year at Lowell. We met Rose and her mom at Oliver's benefit and she was a little doll! She warmed up to me quickly and was giving me hugs while I was chatting with her mom. I hope that we can be a support for each other during these difficult times. It helps to know that we aren't alone, although it sickens me as to why. It was nice to get out in the sunshine and play. Rose was a little camera shy so I didn't get a picture of her playing. We'll have to get together again this summer! Thanks for the invite, Andrea!

The kids had fun arm wrestling!

Even Finny got in on the action!

My little blondy boy!


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Krista said...

I am always so amazed at how blonde he is...Kinda like my blue eyed blonde haired little guy. I wonder who their daddy's are??? Hehe!