Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oliver's Benefit THIS SATURDAY!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

THIS SATURDAY, June 11th, 2011
4 pm - 9 pm
Pepsi Pavilion on the National Cattle Congress fairgrounds
Food, bake sale, silent auction, raffle, music, crafts

So many people have helped make this happen, volunteering to help at the benefit, donating items for the silent auction and raffle, donating food, baked goods, crafts, time, talents and energy. All of this shows the love that you have for Oliver and our family and it does NOT go unnoticed.

Woody, a friend and fellow parent of a child with cancer, heard that Oliver wanted to visit Disney World again since there were many things we couldn't fit in during his Make*A*Wish trip. Ed and I couldn't make it work financially and so Woody wanted to do all he could to help out. When your kids are healthy you figure that you'll get there again someday. I never went to Disneyland or Disney World as a kid. I went the first time in 2007! When you are told that your child may not live to see the next Christmas, you do all that you can to make their wishes come true even if it doesn't seem possible. I just want to see him happy. I want to make memories with him and our family. I want the other children to have happy memories with their brother. Going to Florida won't provide him with what we desire most -- a cure -- it will provide us with memories, fun and an escape from reality... well, as much as we can possibly escape this nightmare. I just want to see him smile and be a kid. He's had to deal with the knowledge that he will most likely not live to be a teenager. He's had to live through the loss of ability in his body and not be able to do the things he most loves, baseball, capoeira, sports in general. He is nine. He is a nine year old boy that should be running and playing and laughing and having fun with his friends. He has had to learn to do other things that his body allows him to, knowing that those abilities may fail him in the future. I just can't imagine knowing all of this as a kid. I can't hardly deal with this knowledge as his mother.

Anyways... I am grateful for those people that are helping to make Oliver's life memorable. I wish that we were back to normal... unknown... living our daily lives like before, but we can't. I've had to learn how to accept help from others and I am grateful for EVERYTHING that you've done for us. It doesn't have to be anything big or outrageous. I remember several months ago a hug I received in the hallway church at a time that I really NEEDED it. That was HUGE for me. I don't know if that person knows how much I appreciated it. I really appreciate every kind word and deed that is done on Oliver's behalf or in Oliver's name. I appreciate all the time, dedication and enthusiasm of people helping with ALL of the fundraising events that have been held on Ollie's behalf to help him and our family. I hate being in this situation of being in need, but it is what it is and I am grateful for those that have helped us so much. I hope to see you there and be able to say THANK YOU in person!!!

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