Monday, March 11, 2013

2012 December - KILLERS concert in Chicago


I received one of the best Christmas presents EVER this year... very unexpectedly.

So most people that know us know that our family loves The Killers.  They are a collective favorite and the first CD we pop in on road trips or just a drive across town... seriously... it's a permanent fixture in our van.  All of our kids sing along to the songs... even our 3 year old.  It's hysterical.  Two months before Oliver passed away, Brandon Flowers (lead vocalist) and Jake Blanton (piano/guitar) came to sing to Oliver along with Brandon's brother, Shane.  That was one of the other best gifts... just amazing... I still can't believe they did that for Ollie.  Unreal.  Anyways... so one day Ed told me that they were going to be performing in Chicago this December and I was like... yup... we are totally going.  Ed was checking the tickets and they sold out almost immediately.  Little did I know that I just got a message online from Brandon's sister telling me that she wanted to get us there.  I was like... "WHAT?!?  Ed was just trying to get tickets and they sold out!"  So Brandon and his sister made it happen.  I'm just sitting here crying thinking about it months later.  It gave us something to look forward to instead of dreading the first Christmas without Oliver.  As many people that have lost children (or any loved one I suppose) can tell you that the days and weeks leading up to the actual anniversaries are just as difficult as the day itself.  In this case... the first Christmas without Ollie.  He loved Christmas so that made the holiday even harder to fathom living through.  Yeah... it's just a concert you may say... but it was so much more.  The music is amazing... the band is amazing.  Some music has a good beat and is enjoyable, but the lyrics to their songs just sit with me.... they make you really think about the song and the emotions that go with it.  More songs about life and experiences rather than fame and material possessions and all that other trivial crap so many songs are about.  So many phrases and songs remind me of Oliver... especially on their new album, which I think is amazing by the way.  Just the fact that these people thought of us at such a difficult time made it so much sweeter to be there and to experience it and make more memories.  It was Eden's first concert... and WHAT A CONCERT!!!  The best one I've been to.  I hadn't been to one in years and it was Ed's second concert of his life.  I'm sure Ollie was right there with us... best seat in the house I'm sure.  

So... we were sitting in our seats, Ed and I had just gotten back from buying some sweatshirts, when he gets a phone call.  I only heard his end of the conversation and he was telling someone where we were sitting and whatnot and I thought that we knew someone that happened to be there as well.  He got off of the phone and said it was the band manager or something, I couldn't really catch what he was saying and then the phone rang again.  He said that he just talked with someone and at this point I'm like what is going on??  He gets off the phone a second time and said it was Brandon's sister.  She said that someone was coming to get us to take us backstage to meet with Brandon and the band.  It was crazy!  We were giddy like little kids... well... us girls were.  So they came and got us, as well as a gal and her friend that won a contest, and we went backstage. Brandon came out first and then Jake.  We were like... "Hey, it's Santa!"  He was Santa when he came to sing last year to Oliver, "Don't Shoot Me, Santa".  We met Ronnie (drummer) who was really nice.  I asked if we could get pictures and I told Brandon that I snuck my camera in.  He laughed and said it was okay to get some photos.  The backstage crew was so helpful and nice, they got us a bunch of t-shirts and got the whole band to sign a shirt.  They were all so friendly and accommodating.  I obviously got choked up seeing them again because of what they did for Oliver and the fact that the last time we met, my son was still alive.  It was difficult, but I didn't bawl... just teared up a bit and thanked him and told him to thank his sister, who is super sweet as well.  It was just so nice of them.  I just can't get over it.  They had to get back to get ready and we were walking away when the Mark and Dave, the guitarists, came out to talk to the other girls that won the contest.  I would have loved to meet them, but didn't want to intrude on their time so we just went back to our seats.  They were all nice enough to sign the t-shirt for us.  I should have gotten the email of the gals that won, they were very sweet.  I hope they had as good a time as we did.  :O)

So... needless to say... the concert was AMAZING.  Teagan and Sara opened for them and sang several songs.  We sang every song.  Eden was belting them out, she had such a great time.  She memorized their new CD within a week of me buying it.  She loved them so it was so fitting that they were her first concert.  She just loves music, always has.  I remember when she was little we were at church and she was singing and someone walked by her and was like, "Is she singing 'I am a Child of God'?!?"  She was only 18 months old!  She's always looking up videos, listening to music, singing.  She just loves it.  I teared up when he sang 'A Dustland Fairytale' and 'Human'.  I was obviously thinking of Oliver the whole time, but when he sang 'A Dustland Fairytale' I couldn't help but think of Brandon's mother.  She now gets to see every concert of her son's.  Who knows... maybe she and Oliver were watching together.  Sappy... I know... but who knows what happens on the other side.  Finn and Jaren pray every night that "Oliver is safe where he is" or "Oddie is safe in heaven".  Finn calls him 'Oddie'.  Eden called him "Ovilar".  I can't remember what Bear called him.  Anyways... it was amazing.  At the end confetti fell from the ceiling and was blinding.  Eden was picking it up by the piles afterward and throwing it all over herself.  It would have been amazing had Oliver gotten to be there with us, but I know he was there with us.  He probably would have been embarrassed by Eden and I singing all the songs.  :O)  So thank you to Brandon and Stephanie and anyone else that made it possible to get there and make another memory.  Thank you for creating something positive to look forward to.  It was better than I expected it to be.  :O)

Me, Brandon, Ronnie, Ed
Brandon, Jake, Ronnie and Eden.  I LOVE this picture!!

Bryan (my brother), Brandon, Jake, my mom, Ronnie.
"Mr. Brightside"

"Miss Atomic Bomb"

I loved that I got a picture of him smiling.  :O)
I had to get a picture of the lightning bolt!

Grandma and Eden
Bry and mom
Ed, me and Eden


Melissa Lasley said...

How amazing!

Emily said...

This is amazing! I am so happy you guys were able to go and like you said have something to look forward to in such a time. Super cool! Ollie and your family has turned me into a Killers fan, I used to only know one song and once I found Ollie's blog I started looking at their music more :)