Thursday, March 14, 2013

2012 September - Randoms

Eden hurt her foot at her friends house while riding a scooter.
Perkins is amazing to pair up with Give Kids the World Village in Florida.  It is where we stayed on Ollie's Make*A*Wish Trip.  You can get free pancakes on September 15th and they would love to receive a donation for GKTW.

Phineas and his artwork.

Eden in Cedar Rapids.  She's 'Hubba Hubba Hot'...
Cousin Carson and Finny

Fell asleep with his gun in hand!
We watched a Killers concert steaming online live from NYC.  It was for their new album release of BattleBorn.  Which is awesome by the way.
Jaren and Eden
Moth we found while weeding.  It was GIGANTIC!
The weeds got CRAZY this summer because it was simply too hot to weed and...  and it's back breaking work... and.... I was just too lazy.  :O)

We found this cat in the weeds of our backyard and she was the SWEETEST cat.  Our household is allergic to cats, so... we took her to my mom's house.  Eden named her Safari.
Jaren playing with Max at Grandma's house.  I saved him when he was just a few weeks old.

He loves cats, but he's allergic to them.  It doesn't stop him from loving up on them.  Thank goodness for benedryl and air purifiers.

 Braedon wears #10 in Oliver's memory.  He is such a sweet kid.  Braedon and Oliver played baseball together on the Braves team.  Oliver was one year younger, but the older boys on the team were always so nice.

Eden and Camden, Braedon's sister, with Jaren watching the football game.  Awesome product placement.

Eden playing with the boys on their school playground.

 Eden goofing around with McKenzie and Nick, one of Oliver's best friends.

Mr. Finn

 For September, Childhood Cancer Awareness month, West High had a 'Gold Out' for the students and spectators to wear gold in support of childhood cancer and in remembrance of Oliver.  We sat on the East side since my friend's son goes to East High and that is where my kids will go to school, but it afforded me a great shot of all the gold.  West High has done so much for Oliver and continues to remember him and do so much for the kids.  They had a Dance Marathon in Oliver's honor as well.
Eden and McKenzie
Nick, Jaren and Takoda.  These were two of Oliver's best friends for years and years.  They sure miss him.  Jaren still loves to see them and wrestle with them any time he can.  They are so good with him.

Jaren cracks me up with all of his faces.  He is so dang cute!

This is his "I'm taking a dump" face.
Somersaulting his afternoon away.

Usually Finn is Captain America.  This time... Jaren was the American hero.  Get a load of his face!

You know you are the mother of boys when you have an ENTIRE load of laundry full of superhero costumes and it's not anywhere near Halloween.  :O)

The Tiny Avengers - Finn as Captain America, Jaren as Spiderman, Cousin Carson as Ironman.

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