Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2012 October - Eden photos, and other randoms

October 2012 - Finny helped me create some nice Halloween cards to send to some kids that have lost a brother or a sister from cancer  He was really getting into it and loved that he got some Spongebob tattoos to go with it!   We also sent a fun size Halloween frosty coupon with the cards so they could get a little sweet treat for themselves.  I hope that the kids enjoyed their cards and frosties.


Flowers in our front yard.

 Cute little squirrels out and about on a Fall day...

For McKenzie's birthday party I offered to come and give the girls some face paint designs that I have been teaching myself how to do.  They looked great I thought.  I loved this picture of Eden and Kenzie.  So many happy smiles.  I am so happy my daughter has a good group of girls to hang around with.  Hope you had a nice birthday, Kenzie!

Dania got the half butterfly on her eye. 

Eden got this style on her face.  It was the very first one I'd ever painted on a kid before.

Kamiah got the half butterfly in green and yellow which was pretty.

McKenzie got this fun pastel colored design on her face.  I loved the colors with it.  I hoped you liked it, birthday girl!!

Sadie got this awesome design which I thought was beautiful.

Gabby got the pretty design with hot pinks, purples and orange.  It turned out great!


She got another really pretty design with hot pink and lavendar.  Turned out cute with the white design on top and the little star above her eye.

Eden did this to her arm while I was painting the girls faces. 

Cousins Finny and Carson
Cousin Kaylee

 We went to a local cemetery and took photos of Eden for our wall.  I hate the ones they get from school that charge so much for crappy pictures.  Here are a bunch of my favorites from the day.

This one is Eden's favorite one.

One of my favorites of Eden.

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