Thursday, March 14, 2013

2012 September - Mayor's Fun Run

Eden got to participate in the 'Mayor's Fun Run' with all of the other area 4th graders.  I would have loved to do this with Oliver, but I never knew about it since he wasn't in school during his 4th grade year.  Eden is sitting with the purple shirt on.  Yeah... nearly all of the other kids could wear t-shirts or other matching t-shirts to unite them as an individual school, but Eden's school... um... yeah... they had to stay in their uniform shirts.  Mmmmmkay... lets sweat and stink up your shirts and then come back to school and sit and marinate in them the rest of the day.  Anyways... weird decision. 

The mayor of Waterloo, Buck Clark.
It was seriously like the running of the bulls when they took off.  Kids were falling down left and right.  It was chaos!
Sayde, Eden and McKenzie before the run.

Eden in almost exactly in the middle of this photograph, right by the center lines.
Nearing the finish line.  I was so proud of her.  She hates to run, but she finished near the middle of the pack and she ran almost the entire way.
Glad we eluded a trip to the ER here.  I didn't know Ed ran with Finny like this the entire time.  We are awesome parents.
So proud!!!

After the fun run, Eden's class went to the ice rink to ice skate.  I went to help out because I couldn't pass up the ice time!  I hadn't skated in years, but after a bit, it all came back to me.  I think this was only Eden's second time skating.  I love her little moves she had off the ice.  It was fun to help the kiddos that were just learning to skate or were there for the first time.

Eden's fourth grade classmates at Young Arena.

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Emily said...

Love how Ed ran with Finny on his shoulders. The picture made me smile.