Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cards for Kids

Since Oliver had received many cards for Christmas as well as his birthday and a couple here and there in between, I wanted to have my kids make some cards for other children that are battling cancer. I want to raise my kids to be compassionate and think of others needs and wants. I want them to be able to brighten someone's day by sending them a note telling them that they are loved and that someone is thinking about them.

There have been several birthdays lately and hopefully we can make more and more in the future. YOU CAN TOO!!! If you see me on facebook, I'll try to post some addresses of children that could use some words of encouragement or a funny picture to make them smile. I know how much it's meant to Ollie as well as myself. People have been so kind in thinking of him and sending him sweet messages. Personally, it refills my tank when I know that someone cares and is sending up prayers on his behalf.

Here are the kids getting crafty with some paper, inks, stamps and stickers! Oliver has been drawing lots lately. He gets his artistic talent from his mother! ;o) So, we try to find out what each child likes and we'll find a picture online that he draws from. I must say, I've been very impressed with his talent lately! :O) Eden has also been drawing a lot more and has been getting creative with thumbprint art! I love crafting time with the kids!!

In all their crafting glory!

Eden stamping her cards

Oliver working on a 'Tom and Jerry' card for a little boy named, Kale. Hope you had a wonderful 5th birthday!


Kathy Hooper said...

Oliver, I think the picture you drew is very good!! What a talented artist you are! I think it is so wonderful that you make cards for other kids and set such a great example for your siblings. I love reading all the neat things your mom writes about you. I hope you are having a great day! I think about you and pray for you and your family all the time, even though I have never even met you. That is really cool, for a kid your age to impact the lives of people who have never met you. Much love to you and your sweet family!

Tiffany Bennett said...

What a wonderful thing! We would love to help. Where do I find you on Facebook? My thoughts are with you..