Friday, July 22, 2011

Children to add to your prayers...

Please add these kids to your prayers. They ALL have DIPG, Ollie's type of brain tumor. Pray for peace, love, strength, courage, knowledge to be able to know what decisions to make. Pray for comfort and love and peace for the babies that are still fighting They are so brave. Each of these kids just deserves every chance at happiness and peace in this life. Oliver asked me quietly and through tears about some friends, some other boys we'd met that also have DIPG and asked if they were going to die. Then he asked if he was going to die. What do you say to that? I jsut told him that we will all die someday. Heavenly Father is the only one that knows when we will die. He gets that, but he also knows the poor prognosis his cancer gives. He's not stupid. It made my heart sink to hear him whisper these things through soft cries and to see him like that.
Right now these kids need extra prayers said on their behalf.





*DYLAN SHAW - Dylan just passed this last week. Please pray for his family and friends that are still grieving his loss.


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Anonymous said...

Praying for your baby Ollie <333