Sunday, July 31, 2011

Iowa Hawkeye Football - Kid Captain!

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The ability of University of Iowa Children's Hospital to offer top-quality care in a welcoming environment is due, in part, to support from generous supporters. With your help, we can do even more to help children and their families. Be a part of UI Children's Hospital by making a gift online at

2011 Kid Captains are...



Upon learning about this great experience these young kids could get to be a part of, I kept checking back to the website to see when they would finally be taking some applications. I figured that I'd send one and nominate Oliver to be one of the 13 Kid Captains that are chosen out of over 200 applicants. I couldn't believe it when they chose Oliver. He is so thrilled about it!

On his birthday, a large group came to set up and interview us for a piece on Oliver and the Children's hospital down there in Iowa City. They asked us several questions and then Oliver sat for a bit and answered some questions about what he like about the hospital. I'll send a link to the video when I find that it's finished.

Next on our to do list is happening tomorrow morning. We'll be on the way to Mt. Vernon to see a photographer for the Kid Captain head shots. I guess they line the streets near the hospital and stadium with all of the kids and Oliver's sweet face will be on one of the flags! :O) That will be so strange to see him smiling at everyone passing by! :O)

I'm super excited for it as I honestly didn't think he'd get picked with so many other applicants sending in their nominations. I was so thrilled to be able to tell Oliver, because I had kept it a secret from him in the first place! :O) He's so excited!

This is the day that Ollie gets to be the Kid Captain!
SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 -

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Krista said...

How fun! He is such a big sports fan. I am glad he gets to be a part of it all! Do you have any info on tickets for that night?