Sunday, July 10, 2011

Live to 9

Friday, July 8, 2011

My friend, Meghan, invited me and the kids to Live to 9, a free outdoor concert that takes place every other Friday throughout the summer. My mom went with me this time to help me wrangle the kids... namely... Phineas. W-O-W... that kid is non stop on the go!!! I believe the band was Soul Fusion and they were really good! I just love being outside and hanging out. I know Oliver loves the food there. Well... I think he'd like it more if they served nachos! I love watching the kids make new friends to play with! There was a nice couple with their little boy sitting next to us and Jaren and Izzy were playing with a ball and then this little boy wanted to play so they played together the whole night. I wish adults were like that!!! :O) It was funny because Jaren was hugging the little boys mom and we'd never even met them before! He's a lovey guy, that's for sure! If you're ever at Live to 9 in Cedar Falls, stop and say "HI" if you see Oliver. We usually pull up some grass on the side near the port-o-potties!

I still can't believe how blonde Finny is!

This was so cute! Finn and this little boy kept kissing each other and all the kids would just laugh and laugh. He likes to 'give loves' to everyone! OH, NELLIE!

Jaren and Isabella playing. When we left, Jaren said, "We have to go, Sweetheart!" I can see them in about 12 years dating each other! :O)

Charley and Ollie. Oliver just LOVES babies. I love how he's playing with her little toes in the next picture!

LOVE that smile!

Finny contemplating giving Charley a kiss...

... aaaaaaand going in for some loves!

Bear taking a break

Finny trying to help Oliver

Oliver and his $1,000 Jamaican Jerk chicken!!

This was so funny! Finn kept walking up between these two girls and just looking at them. I found it fitting that he's holding grapes while 'I Heard It Through the Grapevine' was playing!

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Angie said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! I live in Waterloo and I have never heard of Live to 9! I may have to go there some Friday, I'm always looking for fun things for the kids and I to do! :) You have beautiful kiddos by the way and I'm praying for lil Ollie! Just started following not long ago.