Sunday, July 10, 2011

One of Iowa's Bravest

July 2011

Today Julie came by to drop off some things from a few soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Over a month ago, the kids wrote some letters and took a photo with some beanie baby bears to send to some soldiers overseas. Julie sent them off and received some letters back as well as a flag that was flown in our honor over in Afghanistan and a nice frame with photos of the soldiers with the beanie baby bears 'helping' them out in their daily duties. They also got some John Deere hats signed by some of the soldiers. The kids loved it, especially Jaren, my four year old who wants to see the soldiers in person! I'd love to meet the men and women that took the time to do this for the kids. Hopefully we will soon! :O) THANK YOU!!!

Julie and Oliver

This was the certificate explaining the flag they flew over there for us.

The bears and the letters back to the kids

Opening a gift that Julie brought for Ollie's birthday.

I love this look on Oliver's face! Jaren was itching to open it. They both love remote control cars!


Lindsey Eibey said...

that is just too neat! That was so awesome of you to send gifts to the troops, I can't imagine how happy they were when they opened your package! You guys will have to come to Janesville days fireworks on the 22nd, my cousin will be there and he has just gotten back from Afghanistan, he's not home yet but he's back in the states! I hope you had a wonderful birthday Oliver!!

Scott and Lindsay said...

How fun! That's awesome that they did that!

meghan said...

WOW!! That is AWESOME! How special that they did that in his honor.