Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Celebrations

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tonight we went over to my dad and stepmom, Ellen's house for swimming, grilling and fireworks. Tons of people were in the pool and Jaren was itchin' to get in. Ed and I didn't bring swimming suits for ourselves, but Jaren got in with Grandpa. Eden was in the pool most of the night, which didn't surprise me! We brought some squirt guns and other toys for the kids, including some glow bracelets. I brought some face paint for the kids and did that most of the day, while my stepbrother's wife, Tabitha, brought some crafts for the kids. They made darling headbands for the occasion! I loved to see all the kids playing, laughing and having fun! It was a great day for a party, that's for sure!

Phineas and Camden -- both born on the same day... at the same hospital... a room apart from us! What cute little men! :O)

Finny's got a sweet fauxhawk goin on while he's chowin' down on some of them cheesy balls...

I love getting these candid shots of my kids having fun! :O)

Jaren swimming with grandpa and cousin Evan.

Eden's Diva pose! Lindsey and I were laughing for a while after this one!

Close up of Camden. LOVE his sweet blue eyes!

Enter the craft zone - Hats and face painting

Dexter looks like he's plottin' something!

Oliver and the "Incredibly Gay Hulk" ... this is the thanks I get for my fine artwork...

Finny rockin' the hat!

Laney = American Flag

Evan = Spiderman

Jaren = Harry Potter

Owen = Spiderman

Eden = Ying Yang

Rex, Chloe and her friend

Last year Andy, my step cousin's husband, put on an awesome fireworks show in my dad's back yard. It was great! This year was no different. Oliver got to help him out again this year. They set them up and wire them to the switchboard where Oliver is waiting to flip the switches. It's so fun to see Oliver get so excited about getting to do fun things. He feels so special. I love seeing the grin on his face when he doesn't realize I'm watching! Again-- Thanks, Andy, for helping to make Oliver feel special and have fun with ya!

Our pyro lovin' friends, Andy and Oliver! AWESOME JOB!!!

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Lindsey Eibey said...

I love that Ollie loves to help Andy, and Andy loves it even more! We all had so much fun that day, especially the kids. Eden, you still crack me up everytime I look at those pictures. We really do need to get together more often!