Tuesday, August 30, 2011


August 2011

I love taking the kids to the local arboretum. They love seeing the fish and frogs (if they can spot them) there. There is even fish food you can buy for a quarter to feed the fish. It's nice to see all of the different flowers in bloom and there is a children's garden with watering cans as well as a large sandbox area to play in.

Oliver and Jaren

Finny feeding the fish.


Oliver, Uncle Bryan and Finny



Phineas and Jaren

Grandma, Phineas and Jaren

Ollie playing in the sand.

I love this picture of Ollie and Finn!

Jaren and Bryan

Hot Dog plants!

Jaren next to the grasshopper we found.

The coolest sunset I've ever seen!


Jodi said...

Oh goodness! That IS the coolest sunset!!! Wow.

Great pics, looked like a really good day.

Very pretty place :)

smiliesar said...

what a beautiful and fun place! LOVE the sunset picture. Stunning!

Krista said...

okay, I was just up at the arboretum and I don't recognize some of the pics. The pond...the round one. Where is that? and the cool tree you can walk under. I've never seen that.
And yes...definately the coolest sunset!!! We will have to go up with you guys some time!