Friday, August 19, 2011

New Friends


Shar, friend of mine from elementary school on up was visiting from Oregon for a family reunion and brought her four kiddos with her. We had dinner at her parents house and had fun catching up. I seriously haven't laughed so hard in several months. My stomach and cheeks hurt after a while! I'm so glad that she got in touch with me and invited our family over for a fun evening! It's so fun to see my kids play with my friends' kids!

Oliver, Leah, Eden, Naomi

Jaren, Leah, Eden, Naomi. I love how lovey dovey they are with each other and they just met!

Oliver, Emilia (Yaya), Leah, Eden. She was strumming her leg like a guitar!

Yaya, Heidi, Oliver, Jaren, Leah, Eden, Phineas, Naomi


Jodi said...

I love how Ollie is looking at the girls like they're crazy :)

Naomi said...

JEALOUS! Would have loved to have been there with you guys.