Friday, August 19, 2011

Iowa State Fair

August 11, 2011

Today my mom and brother's picked up Oliver and Eden to take them with them to the Iowa State Fair. They saw a bunch of interesting looking animals and loved going into the butterfly garden area. I'm glad that they had a nice time!

It looks like a cross between a kangaroo, rabbit and dog!

Monstrous bunny

"Porcupine. I like that kinda hair style!" Oliver

Ready... Aim... Fire!

Nice bulls eye, buddy!!!

Grandma, Oliver, Chad with the eagle's nest.

I hope that sign isn't for you, Eden! :O)

Nice eyeballs!

Butterfly Garden

Oliver holding a butterfly in his hand. His wings are broken because kids kept touching their wings and they now have a no touching sign posted.

Butterfly cocoons

Chocolate covered strawberries.... mmmmmmmm!

Oliver and Uncle Chad

Eden, Oliver and Uncle Bryan

The devil goat!

Eden and Ollie

Ollie took this picture! WOW!!

Oliver and his butterfly friend.


Angie said...

We totally missed the butterfly garden!! That looked fun, my kids woulda loved it! Too bad the other kids broke the ones wings :( I also got a pic of that kangaroo looking thing. Think the sign said it was called a "cavy" and was in the rabbit family? lol

Jodi said...


And what a shot Oliver is at Archery!!! That's awesome!

Love the butterfly pictures too.

Hey, was that top picture a jack rabbit???