Friday, August 19, 2011

Visiting friends in Des Moines

AUGUST 13, 2011

After Kid's Day in Iowa City we drove to Des Moines to meet up with some friends that were visiting from DeKalb, Illinois. My friend, Meghan, was there for her grandmother's funeral. I hope that our visit helped to lighten her spirits! Her mom and stepdad live in Des Moines so we surprised her kids with a visit. It was so funny to see the kids get so excited as we walked up the driveway! We got there in the early afternoon and stayed until about 9:30 at night. We stayed for dinner (THANK YOU!) which was corn on the cob and chicken which was DELICIOUS! The kids played together and we chatted with Garran and Meghan. It was so good laughing with them and hanging out like the old days! I really miss them. Before they moved we would see each other on a weekly basis, usually more than once a week! So there is such a void in my life now that they are gone. Hopefully we can go and visit them soon!

They borrowed these wiggle cars from a neighbor which the kids LOVED! I should look into getting a couple for the kids!

Cullan and Eden, playing TAXI!

Kael and Jaren, BEST FRIENDS!

Oliver and Kael

Kael helping Jaren ride the bike.

Cullan helping Phineas. Too cute!

Finny playing with rocks. I LOVE his blonde hair!

Meg giving Ayla some loves. LOVE her face in this pic!

Ayla trying to get Oliver's attention.

Ed squeezing Phineas' face. Poor little stink!

"I've had a hard day!!!"

Briea and Oliver

Every time we visit, Briea loves sitting next to Oliver and giving him hugs. It is the cutest thing!!


Jodi said...

Looked like a fun day :)

those little scooters are awesome!

meghan said...

We were so Happy you guys could come and visit! I can't wait for the next few weeks to pass by so we can get together again. I love all the pics. Our kids keep asking when we can have a sleepover with yours. ;0)