Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Costumes galore!

August 2011

Got this Hulk costume at a consignment shop for five bucks! Jaren fit into it almost perfectly! He's gotten really into superheroes lately!

Eden wants to be Hermione Granger, from Harry Potter, for Halloween. Still need to find a wig for her. She's got the robe, the wand, the horcrux locket and Crookshanks!

Oliver is going to be Harry Potter for Halloween. Robe, wand, scarf, glasses, cauldron and Hedwig the owl... check.

Fun with mustaches!


Jodi said...

Hey, I missed this post!

Such great costumes!!!

Oliver makes a GREAT Harry Potter!!

You're an awesome mom Stacy.

(I usually make the kids go up in the attic and dig around till they can find something to wear for Halloween!)

Piepee said...

looks like some precious memories in the making.

meghan said...

Those are so cute!!

Krista said...

They look awesome! What shop did you get them at? Sydney and Haylie have no ide what they want to be yet and you know sydney and her costume ideas....it takes me months to figure out how to make them.