Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Live to 9 - WAGG

August 26, 2011

Tonight was the final 'Live to 9' of the summer. It's been fun getting out and enjoying some music and seeing my friend and her family on a regular basis! I wish they played a few in the fall, but no such luck!

Jaren in Oliver's Captain America gear. He was throwing the shield around like a frisbee all night long!

Oliver and Charley

Seriously... she is adorable!

Eden and Charley

The Waterloo Black Hawks hockey team was there tonight and the kids got to meet the mascot 'Tommy Hawk'. Jaren and Bella.

Bella, Jaren, Tommy Hawk, Eden and Phineas. I was surprised that Finn wanted to see him because he didn't care too much for 'Herky' the Iowa Hawkeye football mascot. He must have gotten over his fear of mascots... although he is still scared of whoopee cushions, flarp and fake moustaches!

Oliver and 'Tommy Hawk' biting Ollie's head! LOVE IT!

Jaren and Bella. He's practicing dipping already! It is so cute to watch them play together!!

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Jodi said...

How do you sneak these post in here w/o me seeing them?? ;)

Love the pictures! Esp. the one with Herky biting Ollie's head :)